Welcome! Nice to see you here at Anja´s dog gromming centre!

You would like to be assured that your dog is altogether well taken
care of
? This is why you are looking for an adress where you can
take your dog to be regularly clipped and groomed.

If this is what you have in mind, then you have found the right adress
here at Anja´s dog grooming centre.

Anja Happle has been taken care of innumerable breeds of dogs
since 1990. The application of the latest instruments, tools and environmental-friendly products is to her the most natural thing
in the world.

At the shop you will be able to find a large variety of snacks, care-
products and accessories for your precious furry-faced friend.

PLEASE CALL to arrange an appointment:

                  0711 - 797 04 10

            Looking forward to hearing from you!